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Brands We Have Worked With

From blogging to branding and from web design to PR & Marketing, here are a few of our favourite brands we have worked with.

The Life Mistress - Website Design

WordPress Web Design

We have been working as web designers for 25 years and with WordPress itself since it launched in 2003. We know a thing or two about websites and can not only design but also create, develop and build websites that give you every aspect you need from the ground up. We offer many usual ‘addon’ features offered by other web design companies as standard. This means you pay an ‘all in price’ so there are no hidden fees.

WordPress Support

Websites break, it’s a pain, but it happens. But, luckily we know WordPress inside out and we can help fix your website for you. Websites also need continual maintenance for updates, plugin changes, swaps or updates and also back ups. You can purchase one off ad hoc support hours with us OR become a monthly retainer client, for a set amount of hours a month, to have us on hand to do everything you need.

The Urban Trad Witch - Blog Design
The Life Mistress - Branding

Logo & Branding

There is so much more to branding than just making a logo. And we love branding, so we are all about the ‘brand consistency’.  Your branding needs to show your personality, tone and voice of your whole business and we’ll make sure it does.  We’ll make your logo, your social media graphics and can even design business cards, flyers etc to match your branding and printed via VistaPrint.

PR & Marketing

So you have the logo, the website, but now what? Now the real fun starts. PR and marketing allow us to help your business stand out from all of the rest. To shout about your new ideas, creations, products and services and to let everyone know what your business can offer them. We can write press releases, work with social media influencers, blogger reviews, social media marketing, newsletters and so much more.

Promotion Product Strategy Marketing Concept
Male person picks up a package of chewy candy in a supermarket, family shopping. Customer buys marmalade in shop, buyer in market, sweets department

Pick & Mix Retainer

Need a bit of it all? Why not save money and come and join our Pick & Mix retainer plans. You can pay for a set number of hours each month and each area of service we do is included (apart from WordPress Web Design) and then we’ll just work on the lot for you and you know how much a month you will pay, so no hidden fees! Clever huh? Retainers start at just £300 a month!

We'll sort it all out...

We’re not just here to make a logo and push you on your way. Nope, not our style! We’re here to get you all sorted, from the ground up. And you are going to be awesome right? Yes, yes you are. Have a look at what we can do for you and your business. 

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