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We want to tell the world about you! OK maybe not the world but we want to tell the people that matter. Using PR and marketing techniques we can present your business or blog to the world, get it noticed and help you maintain exposure when you have a new idea, new product, new blog post or offer a new service.

Press Releases

We love to write captivating press releases. And not only will we write them for you but we can also distribute them to the local media and online newswires too. We’ll also give you a copy to use.

Influencers & Bloggers

We work with many social media influencers and bloggers and can match influencers to your business for reviews and publicity. 2 of our team are even influencers themselves!

Social Media Marketing

Using the power and reach of social media, we will work on your social media profiles for your business and create posts (and can add them in for you too) for all your profiles every day.


We can not only design but also write digital newsletters for your business, creating an extra way to engage customers or readers and to share ideas with prospective clients.

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We want to get your business or blog noticed for all the right reasons. Shine baby yeah!
Press Releases
Press releases are official statements about your new service, product or change in your business that are written and sent to the media, including journalists, local news stations, magazines and more. They were traditionally created using a nine section technique but these days, a little flair goes a long way. A press release contains all the important information and quotes from the business owner so every person reading it reads all the vital bits and bobs in one place. Press releases are really handy little things and we love to write them! £75 per press release.
Social Media Influencers & Blogger Reviews
I am sure you have all heard the term ‘social media influencer’ and ‘blogger’ but these outreach tools are huge for PR & Marketing. We have experience in both being social media influencers in our own personal social media profiles and also seeking the perfect social media influencer for our clients.  Bloggers are also perfect for marketing your products and services because they can trial your services and then write reviews which not only is fabulous marketing but also increases your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) links. Social media influencer and blogger research, contact and organisation starts from as little as £100 per campaign.
Social Media Marketing
Using the power of social media we can start to build engaging and shareable content for your business using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. We can add posts to each profiles (as many or little profiles as you wish, but we always recommend at least Facebook) each day so that once we have some basic information from you for the week ahead, we can do our each every day and you can concentrate on running your business. Prices start at just £300 a month for daily weekday social media posts.
Digital newsletters are a fabulous way to send news, special offers, tantalizing sneak peeks and other information to your customers and those who have signed up to read your emails. We can not only write your emails but also design them so everything matches your branding and organise your mailing lists. Prices start from just £150 per newsletter campaign.

Brands We Have Worked With

From blogging to branding and from web design to PR & Marketing, here are a few of our favourite brands we have worked with.

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We’re not just here to make a logo and push you on your way. Nope, not our style! We’re here to get you all sorted, from the ground up. And you are going to be awesome right? Yes, yes you are. Have a look at what we can do for you and your business. 

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