Do you need help with...

Admin support & bookkeeping?

Then you need a virtual assistant!

A virtual assistant can do everything an in office personal assistant, secretary & bookkeper can do... for about half the price.

Yup, that’s right. If you need someone to help with general office admin, spreadsheets, inventories, answering emails, taking phone calls, booking appointments, writing copy, writing blog posts, proofreading, bookkeeping, tracking receipts, sales, statistics and more? Then we have just the people for the job.

All admin supported...

A virtual assistant can do all the same jobs as a personal assistant PLUS a secretary. So whatever admin support you need, we have you covered.


Receipt tracking, sales, statistics, inventories, bookkeeping, tax return help and QuickBooks support all available.

No desk required...

The beauty of a virtual assistant is they don’t need a desk in your office OR even an office of their own. They work completely remotely.

Half the cost...

Because they use all their own systems, your costs are decreased. as a virtual assistant fee is generally about half of a personal assistant’s.

Too many donuts?

Virtual Assistant

Depending on the task at hand, these can be set up a monthly retainers (see our pick and mix retainer page for more info) or as one off payments for those jobs that crop up randomly! In need of a more structured package for those routine tasks? 

For just our virtual assistant services our hourly rate is below!

Hourly Rate

Brands We Have Worked With

From blogging to branding and from web design to PR & Marketing, here are a few of our favourite brands we have worked with.

We'll sort it all out...

We’re not just here to make a logo and push you on your way. Nope, not our style! We’re here to get you all sorted, from the ground up. And you are going to be awesome right? Yes, yes you are. Have a look at what we can do for you and your business. 

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