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Website design & developement. WordPress design & support. Logo design, branding & graphic design.

Your website is the shop window for your business or blog

We have been working as web designers for 25 years and with WordPress itself since it launched in 2003. We know a thing or two about websites and can not only design but also create, develop and build websites that give you every aspect you need from the ground up. We offer many usual ‘addon’ features offered by other web design companies as standard. This means you pay an ‘all in price’ so there are no hidden fees.

Why A Website...

Websites are your shop window, your way to show the world what you do and how you do it. Every business needs a website whether your business is small or large.

Why WordPress...

We use WordPress because we can make WordPress do pretty much anything! Whatever you need, we can create it using the WordPress system. Go #TeamWordPress!

As Standard...

With Brandogical, many ‘addon features’ that other companies may charge extra for, come ‘as standard’ this means you get everything you need to get started.

From Just...

Websites are built to your design specifications and requests for what they need to be able to do. Web design from us starts from as little as £500 including hosting!

Why Use WordPress For A Website?

Although most well known for blogging, WordPress is so diverse that it can also be customised into a full website, CMS (content management system), job board, forum, events listing, shop, community, reviews site and much more.

Some of the world’s biggest and most well known websites use or have used WordPress such as:

With full theme support, plugins and widgets, WordPress can become a website platform that grows with your business. It allows you to make edits with ease and even to be able to do this ‘on the move’ with various mobile apps.
What Can We Do?
We design and develop many kinds of sites, dependent on our clients needs and desires. Ranging from websites, blogs and online shops (ecommerce) to full online communities, forums and more, all using WordPress.

Over the past 25 years we have designed hundreds of websites for a variety of different clients from individuals who just want a simple blog to huge global companies who need complex websites made that offer numerous features and extras.

We design by hand and do not use pre-made themes, this allows us to give our clients exactly what they want. It also means that clients know that their site will be as unique as they are.

We can also offer website and email hosting to all of our clients.

As Standard...

As a Brandogical web design client you will receive the following as standard and included in your price!

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What we do...

Web Design & Development

We’ve been web designing since 1995 and working with WordPress since 2003. If you want a website to capture your brand’s personality, we’ll make you proud.  We also own our own hosting platform and can register your domain name for you so you don’t have to worry about buying and registering domain names or finding a separate hosting company to hose your new website.

WordPress Design & Support

We provide full WordPress support o fix websites, blogs and shoo away all kinds of pesky website gremlins that like to come and play havoc. We can turn a simple WordPress blog into a social media network, an intranet, a customer portal, an online shop, a video platform, a music portal, a gallery or portfolio and oh so much more. In fact, there isn’t much we can’t make WordPress do!

Branding & Graphics

We love creating logos but branding is more than just a logo, it’s understanding the brand concept, the voice, the tone, the colours etc. We’ve been designing logos and creating branding packs for years and love getting to know our client’s brands. From a simple logo to a full branding pack containing social media profile graphics, cover photos, business cards, stationery & more.

Brands We Have Worked With

From blogging to branding and from web design to PR & Marketing, here are a few of our favourite brands we have worked with.


So are we. We understand unique.

Whether your business is traditional and classic or full of sprinkles, you want to be unique. You want to stand out from the crowd, to be seen and to be noticed. A new website, branding, logo design and WordPress tech support, perfectly blended to your business’ personality, tone and vibe and create that unique look and sound you have been longing for. 

Our Latest Work

From logos to websites...
A small selection of some of our favourite designs.
Earth Soul Mama - Website
Earth Soul Mama - Branding
Crystal Charged - Branding
Simply Build & Plaster - Branding
Cherished Little Gems - Branding
Earth Soul Mama - Branding
Jayne Richardson - Branding
Raven Black Record - Branding
Ruby & Boo - Branding
Samantha Hypnotherapy - Website
London Branding Co - Banding
Simply Build & Plaster - Website
The Horror Honey - Branding
The Village Witch - Website
Mrs CEOwned - Branding
Dimpsey - Website
The Life Mistress - Branding
Rolls & Boards - Branding
The Life Mistress - Website Design
The Village Witch - Branding
Planosity - Branding
McCrei - Branding
StatPriority - Branding

What Our Customers Have to Say

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We'll sort it all out...

We’re not just here to make a logo and push you on your way. Nope, not our style! We’re here to get you all sorted, from the ground up. And you are going to be awesome right? Yes, yes you are. Have a look at what we can do for you and your business. 

Let’s Talk

If you have any questions, would like to know more about what we do, or to receive a quote, please use the contact form to whisk off an email to us!
We love a natter!
Website design & developement. WordPress design & support. Logo design, branding & graphic design.
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